Why Must Shopify Users Integrate Shoppable Instagram Feed On Their Store?

Shoppable Instagram Feed


If you are an eCommerce brand and own a Shopify website to sell your products to a potential audience, integrating with Shoppable Instagram Feeds into your online store is an excellent deal for your business. 

Recently Instagram has introduced Shoppable Instagram posts on their platforms so that business owners who have created their Instagram Business account can sell their products or services to their followers who are likely to buy the product they are promoting over Instagram. 

With this feature, numerous benefits have been noticed from the launch of this Shoppable Instagram feature. 

But how amazing it would be if you embed Shoppable Instagram Feed on your Shopify Store? 

As people like to enjoy social media content more than brand or professionally created content, it will boost your website’s authentic content.  

What Is Shoppable Instagram?

“Shoppable Instagram feed refers to converting Instagram posts into shoppable – be it profile posts, mention posts, or user-generated posts with a brand hashtag” – Taggshop.

You can create Shoppable Instagram posts with your Instagram business account and click on the Tag Product feature to add your product to the Instagram post.

However, you can also embed Shoppable Instagram posts on your eCommerce website with functionality to provide product details and buy link for the tagged product. 

With the social commerce tool’s help, you can collect Instagram posts from your Instagram business account and tag product inside the post. 

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The Popularity of Shoppable Instagram On Shopify

Shopify noticed that merchants who have created their online store with Shopify receive a great response after integrating Instagram feeds on their product pages. 

Fashion, beauty, jewelry, furniture, etc., categories of the website have enjoyed the immense benefit and high conversion rate.   

It has increased the customer base of the eCommerce stores and improved customer experience on the website.

 Hence, Shopify introduced its integration with Instagram allowing merchants and shoppers to offer a more optimized shopping experience by socializing content on the online stores. 

Now you can insert Shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store, providing a buy button so that your customers can directly buy from your store.

Benefits Of The Shoppable Instagram Feed

For retailers and online merchants, Instagram has become a prominent social media platform for marketing and building a strong customer base for long-term relationships. 

Below are some benefits of embedding Instagram Feed on your website that you can reap with the integration of Shoppable Instagram feeds onto your Shopify store or website. 

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#1 Shoppable Instagram Encourages Customers’ Buying Decision

As Shoppable Instagram posts are created with the Instagram posts of users from hashtags, mentions, tags, or simply from your Instagram account, it builds social proof of your brand. 

Earlier, you might be using Instagram posts on your website to display your social presence and show how your customers are using your product. 

It is a proven strategy to entice your audience with Instagram posts and encourage them to buy the post’s product. 

However, they have to search for the product/s in the post on the website, which might be an overwhelming task for your customers.   

Hence, you can turn your Instagram posts into Shoppable Instagram, enhancing the shopping journey for your customers and giving them a feature to directly buy from a Shoppable post. 

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#2 Instagram Emerges As Popular Search Engine For Customers

Around 75 percent of Instagram users make purchase decisions after seeing a product or sponsor post by brands on Instagram. 

Instagram increases curiosity and fascinates the audience to buy the product. It engages the potential audience and brings more conversations through posts and advertisements.

Thus, Instagram can be said as a search engine for audiences looking to find something related to their interest and provide effective solutions. 

Brands who have their Shopify store or website can utilize this approach and give their potential audience a perfect reason to buy your product.    

#3 Instagram Posts Build Authenticity On Website

One of the most promising benefits of integrating Instagram on your eCommerce site is it builds social proof of your brand. Which, in turn, develop a sense of trust among the customers, and they can believe in your product and services.

As trust is the major factor, people only like to spend value where they believe assured benefit or get a satisfactory return from it. 

#4 Instagram Posts Enhance Your Website Content 

Finally, embedding Shoppable Instagram posts onto the website to improve the quality of content. Merging Instagram Posts with your branded content add unique attributes to your webpage or online store. 

Texts, videos, or infographics are common on almost every website, and your competitors are also leveraging them. However, integrating Shoppable Instagram posts on the online store is a recent trend; it will be a great approach to enhance your website content and bring a fresh look & feel to your Shopify online store. 


No doubt, embedding Instagram posts on your website will add gems to your Shopify website. It will increase your customer experience and amplify the buyer journey with social content from the most popular social media platform. 

So without thinking a lot, start building more effective Shopify content by integrating highly beneficial & result-driven Shoppable Instagram Content on your website. 

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