Best Payment Gateways for eCommerce Websites in 2022

Best Payment Gateways

Having a reliable payment gateway is important. A simple way to accept payments is essential for running a successful eCommerce company. Before you can start making sales and properly collecting the money. You are earning from your eCommerce site, selecting a payment gateway is crucial.

In 2022, choosing an eCommerce payment gateway will depend on the audience. You want to attract and the availability of gateways that are important for your requirements.

The goal is to locate an eCommerce payment gateway. It is not just well-known but also dependable and more reliable. It is crucial to have a safe and secure eCommerce payment gateway for your online presence and virtual storefront given the rise of internet hacking, identity theft, scams, and others.


You may have heard of PayPal at some point if you have used the internet in any way. In 2002, PayPal, a well-known payment processor, was introduced and formally founded. Since that time, PayPal has continued to develop and expand. And it is now accessible in a total of 203 nations. PayPal is one of the secure payment methods. It is favored by many people, brands, and businesses.

PayPal is easy to use, making it possible for anyone to open an account without any difficulty. Even if they are not experienced with payment gateways or online transactions.

Not only is PayPal a well-known payment channel reachable to customers in the world. but it also has a loyal anti-fraud team and department. They constantly scan accounts and transactions for possible frauds and scams.

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stripe payment gateway

Stripe is a more recent competitor to PayPal. It has gained popularity quickly. It has allowed the acceptance of payments made with cryptos like Bitcoin. Due to Stripe’s free trial period for all new customers, it is possible to start getting payments online right away. In order to maintain its security standards anytime, it is utilized by clients and customers alike, Stripe is continually being rebuilt with its updated API.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the most popular touchless payment methods in use today. When purchasing in-person or online with an eCommerce retailer, Apple Pay is well known for working with Apple devices and smartphones.

While using an Apple iPhone or iPad, using Apple Pay is easy, and simple, and only necessitates a single tap. The touchless Apple Pay gateway works with conventional credit and debit card issuers including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as well.


amazon payment gateway

Square is one payment gateway to take into account if you sell goods both online and offline. When compared to many other payment gateway options on our list, Square is one that also functions effectively. If you are selling goods in person at a retail location or even at a nearby fair. Instead of requiring an internet transaction or a typical POS setup, Square offers businesses a physical payment terminal that can be used to take payments on-site.

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Another well-known online payment processor and gateway is The app has been around for around 20 years. continues to hold a strong position as a top payment gateway for small and medium-sized businesses, because of its configurable features and options for clients. In addition to being a reliable payment processor, Authorize also works with popular eCommerce storefront programs like Magento and WooCommerce. To use to take and handle your own payments, you do not need to be PCI compliant or use an SSL certificate.

2Checkout (Verifone)

2Checkout (Verifone) payment gateway

2Checkout is another good payment processing gateway. It is currently allowed in more than 87 countries worldwide, which is now known as Verifone. With 2Checkout, you can easily run a little online business or a large one, selling a few things here and there.

Additionally, WooCommerce and Shopify are now compatible with 2Checkout, making it simpler than ever to start accepting and processing payments from anywhere in the world.


Skrill is another more recent mobile-based payment gateway option. It is currently used in over 40 nations. It is one of the cost-effective payment gateways. It is fit for dropshipping and smaller companies, with a transaction cost of 1.2% for each order.

Skrill also allows the transmission of funds to a number of “high-risk” areas, which may be interesting to anyone looking to target these areas.


wepay payment gateway

Wepay is one of the most well-known payment gateways available. If you run a dropshipping business. The 2008-founded company Wepay offers a white-label API that streamlines the payment processing process.

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SecurePay is a viable option if you’re searching for a reputable and secure payment gateway for your eCommerce company. SecurePay, is one of the first eCommerce payment gateway solutions. It was founded in 1997 and is still going strong almost 25 years later.

SecurePay meets the needs of individuals searching for a reliable small- and medium-sized business payment management and acceptance solution. For those looking to get started, SecurePay provides simple registration choices, connectivity with shopping carts, and even a free trial.

Amazon Pay

amazon payment gateway

Amazon Pay is now taking on PayPal as the preferred payment gateway. The host for Small and Medium Enterprises thanks to its strong brand awareness. You have access to a comprehensive fraud protection service with the Amazon Pay merchant account.

Only the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany offer this service. The option of onsite checkout is made possible, which improves the client experience. Amazon Pay is a straightforward API that has given numerous e-commerce platforms belonging to solution providers access to free plugins. Amazon offers the usage of Alexa to further engage your customers by offering suggestions and better customer service.


Before you launch and go live with your eCommerce shop, it is essential to compare the best eCommerce payment gateways, regardless of whether you are creating a tiny specialized online store or want to grow an already established company with an online storefront.

Maintain your peace of mind knowing that your sales and processed transactions are handled with care and are completed in a safe, secure, and encrypted environment with the help of the correct eCommerce payment gateway. Hope you find the best payment gateways for eCommerce websites in 2022.

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