Types of Jobs in eCommerce Business

Jobs in eCommerce Business

E-commerce positions carry out the tasks required for online purchases and sales. These jobs may be found in various sectors. It includes marketing, distribution, and business development. These professions may continue to be in demand. As brands use the internet to market, sell, and promote their products. People who work in e-commerce frequently possess extensive technical skills, knowledge of online retail, and good communication talents.

Order Clerks

Ecommerce business owners that sell specific products online. They will need a person for orders for the products as well as checking client data like shipping information and managing receipts. 

Primary duties: 

Reviewing the order data is the job of an order clerk. Communication with consumers, such as telling them that their order has shipped or of any distribution delays, may also fall under the purview of order clerks. Order clerks may also order packages 

Job requirements: 

High school diplomas are required of order clerks. They must be familiar with Microsoft Office or other similar applications. Sometimes, previous work experience is preferable.


Order clerks make about Rs. 14,429 per month in salary.

Customer Service Representative

A company’s success depends on the ability to satisfy the customer’s needs. Customers approach the customer support professional with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Primary duties: 

The main platform for clients of internet sellers is customer service. To respond to client issues, these people may take messages or answer the phone. Customers can get help from them with orders, receive updates on the status of their orders, and have any problems receiving their shipments addressed. 

Job requirements: 

The customer service professional should have work experience. As dealing with people is not a simple process. Customer service helpers must be a well-organized and skilled communicator. 


Their salary is around Rs. 70,910 per month.

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SEO content writer

It’s essential to have an SEO expert for a website. Possibly even a blog section with regular content can receive more clicks. It’s a win-win situation because this area will increase sales as well as provide the readers with valuable information.

Primary Duties: 

In order to increase traffic, SEO content writers frequently concentrate on keyword placement. They might discuss with site designers and visual artists to produce material that communicates brand messaging and improves search engine performance.

Job requirements

Excellent written and verbal communication abilities are among the most crucial qualities for SEO content writers. Some professions require SEO expertise, but others may be pleased to provide newcomers with SEO training. Basic knowledge of Google, Google Docs, or WordPress is needed.


The average annual salary for an SEO Content Writer in India is Rs. 3.1 Lakhs.

Web Developers

A website is included with every online store. The website’s layout, appearance, and usability all have a significant impact on how the customer feels about their online purchasing experience. Customers may not be very eager to buy something from a website if it is slow, difficult to browse, and visually unpleasant.

Because of this, every prosperous e-commerce company has a top-notch web developer working for them.

Primary duties: 

For e-commerce brands, web designers create and design websites. Web developers have knowledge of coding, web design, programming, and apps. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency are frequently required in this line of work.

Job Requirements: 

A bachelor’s degree in web development. Candidates should be familiar with programming and web design. Additionally, they will need to be knowledgeable about tools and procedures like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.


The average yearly income for an e-commerce developer in India is Rs. 6.0 Lakhs.

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Marketing Specialist/ Marketing Manager

Any eCommerce business must have marketing managers in order to grow.

Primary Duties: 

Marketing specialists create and implement various marketing ideas for e-commerce firms to grow. Marketing managers may talk with staff members from other divisions, particularly those in sales and business development. To improve brand awareness. These experts may talk with other members of the promotional team, maintain their knowledge of marketing trends, and use data and analytics to understand the performance of their marketing activities.

Job Requirements: 

Marketing specialists should have a bachelor’s degree and professional experience. They also need to have outstanding communication and analytical skills. Knowledge of related systems and tools.


In India, a marketing specialist makes an average yearly salary of 10.1 lakhs.

Project Manager

An eCommerce manager position can be ideal for you. If you enjoy taking charge and are a natural leader.

Primary Duties: 

A project manager is in charge of directing an e-commerce team. They keep track of their actions and allocate roles and responsibilities. To ensure that projects are completed on time, they may occasionally speak directly with clients. Advanced organizational and communication skills are frequently found in project managers.

Job Requirements: 

A bachelor’s degree is preferable for an eCommerce project manager. Most businesses prefer prior working experience due to the importance of the position. In addition to having excellent organizational and communication skills, you should be comfortable using Microsoft Office and related programs.


The average yearly income for a project manager in India is Rs. 14.5 lakhs, with salaries ranging from Rs. 5.0 lakhs to Rs. 26.0 lakhs.

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Business Analysts

This position is perfect for you if you enjoy working with numbers. Every organization needs business analysts, and e-commerce is no different.

Primary duties: 

Business analysts monitor data from online retailers. In order to achieve this, they can offer forecasting reports, develop financial models, and inform their clients of their findings. Business analysts may work with e-commerce brands and companies as regular, full-time workers or as consultants.

Job requirements: 

A bachelor’s degree in management, business studies, or information technology is the minimum requirement to work as a business analyst in an organization. Although it is preferable, prior experience in the field is not necessarily required. You also need to be comfortable using Excel and other spreadsheet programs.


The average yearly income for a business analyst in India is 7.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.0 Lakhs to 15.0 Lakhs.


These were some of the top jobs in the eCommerce Business. All the jobs are different from each other and require different skills. We hope you find the job guide helpful.

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