What is an Instagram Feed- Best Tools & Benefits

Instagram Feed

It is an era of technology and social media where people judge each other through their social media pages. Amidst this, creating and maintaining an attractive Instagram feed is a gem. 

Instagram Feed is the page where you upload all of your photos and videos and keep them till your account lasts. Your feed is the first thing people like to see while visiting your profile. 

You must be wondering how Instagram feed can help you as a brand. For this, you need to know its benefits. So, continue reading!

Get The Benefits Of Instagram Feed

Creating a creative feed is crucial for brands in this technological era. Making  Instagram Feed a significant part of your digital marketing strategy helps your customers to get to know your brand in a few minutes. You can avail many benefits by embedding your Instagram feed on your brand website.

1. Enhance Reach

When you start displaying your Instagram feed on the website, eventually, the reach of your Instagram content rises. The more people visit your website, the more people will see your Instagram content. So. the content reaches more people, and engagement with the user gets higher. 

You can show a beautiful collection of the brand’s Instagram photos and videos on the website to attract new people who are keen to learn about you as a brand. 

2. Grow The Authentic Followers

Along with existing customers, your Instagram feed helps attract new people to your social media.

When new people visit your website and see the beautiful Instagram feed of the brand there, they get inspired to follow the page on 

Instagram. These are the people who become interested in the brand, and they maintain the authenticity of followers on your social media. 

3. Gather Relevant Data For Upcoming Targeted Ads 

Maximize your ad targeting on social media pages. When more people see, like, and comment on your Instagram posts, the ads manager collects their data automatically. 

You can use this data for targeting Facebook ads as well. Collected data through this also help you distribute the ads to more people similar to your target audience. 

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4. Enhance Website Visit Time Of Users 

The time users spend on your website depends upon what you provide them to see. The longer the visitors stay on your website, the higher the user engagement with the brand would be. Embedding an Instagram feed on the website helps you as a brand to give reasons to the users to stay longer on the website. 

The Instagram gallery you display on the website helps improve KPIs to engage the users more with your content. 

5. Increase Visibility Of Brand Offerings

Displaying an Instagram feed on the website and segregating it with hashtags increases the visibility of brand offerings to the audience. Any visitor who wants to see details of a particular product needs to search it with hashtags, and all the results get to appear this way. 

Suppose your brand offers fashion accessories. When a user searches for #hairaccessories, all the accessories you provide in this category will appear. It happens if it is there in the posts of the Instagram feed. 

6. Boost Sales 

When users get attracted to your Instagram feed on the website, they possibly want to purchase more products from you. It helps you to reach your ultimate goal of enhancing your conversion rate

Posting appreciating comments of happy customers from Instagram will also work. It helps to generate social proof of the high quality of your products. It helps to enhance the sales percentage more. 

The benefits you have read, now you must want to avail these. For this, you need to know the tools you can use for embedding Instagram posts. Read till the end! 

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Tools To Embed Instagram Feed

1. Taggbox

It offers Taggbox Widget as an aggregator that allows you to create an Instagram feed with the help of different hashtags. With the features of the Taggbox Widget like auto-moderation of content and its filtration, you can choose to create the feed effectively.

After feed creation, Taggbox allows you to embed this Instagram feed on the brand website building the platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, etc. This tool helps to drive user engagement for your brand. 

2. Tagembed

This tool allows you to create a Feed by collecting real-time posts through tags, hashtags, Instagram handles, mentions, etc. The tool helps to curate all the posts and then embeds these on-brand websites.

It is one of the best embed tools you may go for as it offers you multiple interesting features with which you can play to make your feed attractive enough. 

3. EmbedSocial 

This aggregator helps you to embed your Instagram feed through a code on your website. On EmbedSocial, you need to choose Instagram as a source and link your account to create the feed. The tool then provides a code you must paste on the website to embed the Instagram feed. 

4. Juicer

It is a tool that allows you to implant social media posts from Instagram and other social media platforms. Every time you want to add something new, you can do it without refreshing the insert codes. 

You need to choose the platform you want to embed data from, copy and paste data to create the feed, and display it with Juicer. It is as simple as this!


This blog is helpful to understand that displaying Instagram Feed is a powerful complement to the marketing strategy. Also, this can help a brand to have high user engagement and offer a lot of benefits discussed. You may use  Tagembed, Taggbox, Juicer, and EmbedSocial for embedding Instagram feeds. You need to go with a tool as per your requirements and comfort, and done!

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