How Adding Instagram Feed To Shopify Stores Can Boost Conversions?

Adding Instagram Feed To Shopify Stores

Shopify stores are a great marketplace for businesses to achieve customer acquisition. 

Businesses have personal objectives such as brand awareness, engaging with customers, and boosting sales & revenue, and achieving these becomes a lot easier by operating through a Shopify store.

However achieving these objectives, especially boosting conversions can be catalyzed by adding an Instagram feed to Shopify stores.

Interesting, right? Let’s understand how we can add the Instagram feed to Shopify stores. But, first, let’s understand what a shoppable Instagram feed is.

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Shoppable Instagram Feed – An Overview

A shoppable Instagram feed is a business solution that allows brands to make their Instagram feeds and user-generated content shoppable by tagging products to the feeds. Instagram’s platforms include the ability to create Instagram shoppable feeds.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

There is software that allows you to create Instagram shoppable feeds for your website by gathering Instagram posts, tagging products to make them shoppable, and publishing the shoppable Instagram gallery on your website.

Since its inception, shoppable Instagram has grown in popularity due to its value to both brands and consumers.

Instagram is a source of inspiration for consumers in terms of discovering new and useful products, engaging with brands, and purchasing products directly from Instagram.

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How To Add Instagram Feed To Shopify Store

Before you can create shoppable Instagram feeds, you must first decide which social commerce tool to use.

When that is finished, you will be able to:

Gather Instagram Content

Your social commerce platform can help you collect all of the content generated on Instagram, depending on the type of connection you want to use (handle, hashtag, tags, mention, etc.).

Personalize and Modify Your Feed

After you’ve created the Instagram feed, you can moderate and customize it to meet the needs of your brand. This is significant because not all of the posts generated will be relevant to your brand, and nothing attracts shoppers’ attention like personalization.

Add Product Tags

Add product tags to your Instagram feed after you’ve finished moderating and personalizing it. This allows you to present all of your product’s information in one place, maximizing shopper convenience.

Make An Instagram Shoppable Gallery

You can publish the curated shoppable Instagram feed on your eCommerce once you’ve completed all of the major steps. The gallery with authentic content, when integrated into eCommerce, will aid in the development of trust and conversions.

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Benefits Of Adding Instagram Feed To Shopify Store

Let’s have a look at the major benefits of adding an Instagram feed to your Shopify store.

Brings Transparency Through UGC

User-generated content is created by your customers to share their interactions with your brand. Many brands prefer user-generated content (UGC) as their primary form of content because it adds authenticity.

Brings Transparency Through UGC

When you collect user-generated content from Instagram, reupload it to your Instagram account, and make it shoppable on your website, you increase transparency.

When it is common for consumer behavior to seek out real-life experiences of peers before making any online purchase decisions, Instagram shoppable videos with UGC help them build trust and make confident purchase decisions.

Cultivates Social Media Proof 

If your target audience is using Instagram, Shoppable Instagram is an excellent way for you to build social proof for your brand

Social proof is a phenomenon that involves people mimicking the social behavior of the masses. You can create trends for your brand on Instagram, but make sure your product is a big part of it.

You can even hire influencers to create content for you. Other Instagram users will be encouraged to follow it.

Offers A Seamless Shopping Experience

Instagram’s shoppable feed provides your potential customers with a frictionless purchase experience. People’s attention spans are shortening, so they prefer faster and easier things. A smooth purchase journey can help you increase brand sales.

While Instagram is known for providing brilliant visuals, when you integrate it as shoppable into your eCommerce website, your customers no longer have to browse your entire website.

They can interact with your website’s shoppable Instagram videos, and if they like the products, they can tap on the product hotspots to make quick purchases.

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Increases Audience Engagement & Dwell Time

More than 500 million people spend their free time on Instagram than any other social media platform. Instagram Galleries on Shopify websites give your customers a new reason to stay on your Shopify website and interact with the content.

Instagram Gallery can be created on the Shopify website in a variety of ways, such as embedding an Instagram hashtag feed, adding tagged feeds, Instagram Stories, mention posts, IGTV videos, or Instagram Reels.

Visitors will spend more time engaging with your content, increasing their dwell time on your website and thus increasing audience engagement.

Makes The Look Of Your Store Engaging

Most tools for embedding Instagram feeds on Shopify stores include an auto-update feature. This means that tools automatically update the feed, and there is no need to refresh the feed manually. 

Furthermore, the scrollable feed can keep your visitors engaged with the feed and keep them hooked on the store.

We’ve all seen how creative Instagram users can be; you can take their content and display it on your website, giving your customers a great browsing experience. 

Shoppable Instagram Feed

You can also show off content from your Instagram account, where you post images or videos related to your product or brand. 

All of this additional information can pique your customers’ interest, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Wrapping Up!

The marketing industry is constantly changing. Your competitors are always trying to get ahead of you in the race.

If you own an eCommerce business or a brand with an online store, you simply cannot sit back and relax because you must leverage shoppable content.

Nobody can deny that Instagram has become a critical social media platform for businesses. 

Adding an Instagram feed to Shopify stores is a fantastic way to boost conversions.

It has made it easier for them to meet new customers and expand their reach beyond their local boundaries. 

However, because market competition is fierce, you must maximize the platform’s value. 

You can achieve the benefits mentioned above and more by embedding Instagram feeds on Shopify.

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